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Experience a year of tight friendship, outdoor adventure, and intentional discipleship.


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Columbia One

Columbia One



Invest one year in deepening your faith, experiencing Christ-centred community, and exploring your interests.


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Emergency Rescue

Emergency Rescue


Training that will get you ready — courage, character, and skills —  to pursue a career in emergency services.


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Educational Assistant


A part-time program that equips you with skills to support young people with special needs.


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Christian Studies


Expand your knowledge of the Bible while learning from home.


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Health Care


Gain the skills for a rewarding career as a compassionate, front-line caregiver.


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Diplomas (2-year) & Degrees (4-year)



Applied Leadership


Experiential learning that will help you become an authentic, Christ-centered leader with the skills to make a positive impact.


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Biblical Studies Icon

Biblical Studies



Prepare for a kingdom-focused life as you become skilled in interpreting God’s Word and applying it in practical ways.


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Caregiving Counselling Icon



Study both psychology and theology, and learn the core skills needed for counselling and working with people.



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General Studies Icon

General Studies



Develop your faith, study the Bible, and explore your interests with this flexible program designed for maximum university transfer credit.


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Intercultural Studies Icon

Intercultural Studies



Get ready to make a global impact as you explore the Scriptures, world cultures, and the most effective ways to relate to all people, everywhere.


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Outdoor Leadership Icon

Outdoor Leadership



Grow as a Christ-centered leader and gain the technical certifications you need for a career in adventure tourism.



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Social Entrepreneurship Icon

Social Entrepreneurship


Learn critical marketplace skills as you deepen your faith and develop a kingdom-focused perspective on business.


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Worship Arts Icon

Worship Arts


Embrace an all-encompassing theology of worship and explore your creative gifts as you learn to lead people in glorifying God.



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Youth Work Icon

Youth Work


Prepare to impact the future as you dig into the Bible and gain solid skills for mentoring today’s youth.




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