You don't find your best possible life by accident.


There is so much more to life than landing a good job that pays the bills. Invite an older, wiser person out for coffee and ask for input about your future. Nine times out of ten, you'll hear advice like this: "Figure out your passions. Discover what you're great at. Do something that truly matters."

That's what it means to live your calling. When you discover what God designed you to do and follow Him into it, you're heading for a life that's packed with joy and meaning. We offer fourteen accredited programs that prepare you for life, ministry, the marketplace, and further education.  Whether you choose a one-year certificate, a two-year diploma, or a four-year degree, there's no better place to explore your calling than Columbia Bible College.


Why Columbia?


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Every part of you will be developed at Columbia: intellect, spirit, character, and skills. You'll have the chance to study Scripture and learn the 24/7 habits of following Jesus. Your classes and assignments will train you to tackle critical questions and communicate clearly. A big emphasis on hands-on learning gives you opportunities to develop valuable experience. Real growth happens here. You in?
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This is the college for you if you want to live your faith and practice your skills in the real world. Our campus is at the centre of the small, multicultural city of Abbotsford, BC. You'll be close to every kind of church, non-profit organization, and business, giving you access to incredible learning experiences. Plus, our stunning West Coast setting means you can enjoy mountains, oceans, rivers, and lakes.
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Discovering your calling isn't something you can do on your own. At Columbia, you'll be surrounded by down-to-earth Christians who really care about you. Expect lots of conversation, encouragement, smiles, coffee, prayer, and good times. Also expect opportunities to dive in, help out, serve, lead, and learn.



So Many Possibilities

Sometimes we need a little inspiration to start heading in the right direction.


It's not always easy to imagine the future. Where will you go? What will you do? What's even possible?

Columbia's grads have been where you are right now. They know what it's like to work through big questions and step into God's dreams for their lives. It's amazing to see the kingdom-focused, world-impacting vocations our alumni are pursuing today - in a huge variety of roles, organizations, and places. We gathered some of their stories and insights to give you a little inspiration.


What story will you share one day?



Danielle K Alum

Meet Danielle

BA Caregiving & Counselling 2004
Founder & Counsellor, Re.Pose Therapy

"I believe God designed us to heal and to thrive. That doesn't mean we don't have limitations or stuck points. I believe God made us with the resources within to be connected to who we are at our core - who we are as made in his image. But stuff gets in our way. I love to help people discover healing. That's the best part of my job. Seeing people who come into my room pretty hopeless discover there's hope."

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Jordan S Alum

Meet Jordan

BA Intercultural Studies 2012
Chaplain, Harbour Light Addictions & Recovery Centre

"I am part of a small team responsible for the spiritual care of our staff and clients. Some days I may be talking to someone who has relapsed for the fifth time and is about to give up hope; another day I might be celebrating with someone as they make it to one year clean and sober; another day I might be working through the book of Mark with a new Christian, helping him see Jesus with new eyes."

Learn more about life as a chaplain

Kate R

Meet Kate

BA Intercultural Studies 2015
Director, Camp Likely

"Being a camp director allows me to be intentional with our staff and campers as we spend at least a week together in the middle of Creation, building community and sharing about Jesus. This job brings me so much joy as I watch Jesus work in the lives of kids who are so broken, lonely and scared. I see him speak to them, I see them love the Word of God and I see them feel safe."

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Q & A Stories

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What Employers Are Saying


Gerry Wiebe

Gerry Wiebe

President, Wiebe Industrial Services

"In my experience, Columbia grads show great resourcefulness, tenacity, deep empathy, mindfulness of their environment, putting others first.

I've watched people go through great crisis in their lives. Of the people I've observed, Columbia grads seem to be more prepared to cope with the realities of life than others. There's a Christ-centredness that's thoroughly trained and disciplined in them, so that when bad things happen, they act and react based on the training. Those who no only cope but also excel out of hard situations are graduates of Columbia."


Brad Willems

Brad Willems

Assante Wealth Management, Abbotsford

"What business needs is people with an ethical anchor that will embody trust in their employer and/or employees long-term. A Columbia education builds a character of integrity. That’s what business needs – leaders of integrity."

The Lepps

Rob & Char Lepp

Lepp Farm Market, Abbotsford

"A business can spend a lifetime looking for people who exemplify servant leadership, and Lepp Farm Market is privileged to have not one, but two outstanding Columbia graduates as leaders in our company.  Both men consistently live out the leadership standards Jesus calls us to, both in how they treat their team as well as how they represent our business to customers and suppliers.   Their positive outlook on life makes them the kind of leaders that their teams respectfully and eagerly follow and benefits our entire company.  We are grateful to CBC for the solid Biblical teaching and mentoring that equips men such as Dan and Brent to go out into the world and live out the teachings of  Jesus."



Location Matters



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Abbotsford, BC
Friendly little city with great cafés, restaurants & shopping.

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Training Hub
Churches, non-profit organizations, & businesses of every size.

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Connect with people from different cultures, faiths, and backgrounds.

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West Coast Adventure
Mountains, rivers, lakes, the ocean - you will never run out of places to explore.


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